5 Reasons To Try Local Craft Beer

If you enjoy drinking and trying new beverages, you should support the local craft brew industries. More breweries are beginning to create their own brews and you may be amazed at the variety of flavors and types of beers that are available. Instead of sticking to the standard big-name beer brands, step outside of your comfort zone and give local craft beer a try. Here are some reasons to try local craft beer: 

What Makes Sauterne Wine Unique And Why You Should Try It Once

Sauterne wine is a broad phrase applied to wines taken from the grapes grown in the Sauternais region of France. It is very unique in that the fermentation process starts before the grapes are ever harvested. In many cases, the grapes used are intentionally exposed to a natural agent that causes the grapes to begin rotting on the vine. Before you turn up your nose at this, here is why this process is unique and why you should try the Sauterne wine just once.

Are You Visiting Multiple Wineries In A Day? Tips For Ensuring Your Purchased Wine Survives Your Expedition

If you are visiting a wine region, you may go winery hoping. This is a great way to sample different wines from various wineries in the region. As you visit the different wineries, you may pick up a bottle of wine or two at the various wineries that appeal to you. If you didn't come prepared, you may find yourself wondering what to do with those bottles of wine so they do not break or become damaged as you are driven around by your designated driver from one location to the next.

Tips For Hosting A Wine-Tasting Party

One a warm summer night, treat your friends and family members to a wine-tasting party in your backyard. Re-create the vineyard experience with a sampling of red and white wines, tasty snacks and a relaxed atmosphere. Although you don't need a special occasion to host a wine-tasting soiree, it will make an ideal theme for a variety of different celebrations. A wine-inspired theme works well for holiday and adult birthday parties, bridal showers, anniversary celebrations, and even housewarming get-togethers.

How To Acquire Rare Alcoholic Beverages Without Getting Burned

If you like to collect rare vintages of wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages, you will not find these at just any liquor store. Only certain liquor stores acquire these rare treasures. You will know that a liquor store has some ultra-collectible bottles of "the good stuff" when you see locked cases and single bottles behind the glass. There is a right way and several wrong ways to acquire these treasures.