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Are You Visiting Multiple Wineries In A Day? Tips For Ensuring Your Purchased Wine Survives Your Expedition

If you are visiting a wine region, you may go winery hoping. This is a great way to sample different wines from various wineries in the region. As you visit the different wineries, you may pick up a bottle of wine or two at the various wineries that appeal to you. If you didn't come prepared, you may find yourself wondering what to do with those bottles of wine so they do not break or become damaged as you are driven around by your designated driver from one location to the next. Here are a few tips for ensuring your purchased wines survive your winery day.

Use an Empty Wine Box to Store Your Wine

Before you head out for a day of wine tasting at wineries, find an empty wine box to store your wine in. If you buy wine where you live, ask the retail location you buy wine from for one of the boxes that the wine is stored in. Most will freely give them to you. If not, you can often buy padded wine cases online. Keep in mind most wine boxes fit nine to 12 bottles, so ensure you have enough boxes based on the number of bottles that you intend to buy. An empty wine box is the best way to keep your bottles from rolling around in the car and breaking.

Keep Wine Out of the Sunlight or Extreme Heat

As you travel about the various wineries, keep in mind that heat and sunlight can be damaging to the wine. It can change the flavor of the wine and make it bitter. As such, you want to avoid placing the wine in sunlight or extreme heat. Placing the wine in the trunk on a cool day may be the best way to keep the wine out of the sunlight, but this won't work on a hot day. If you are traveling on a hot day, consider buying a Styrofoam cooler to place your wine in. Do not pack it with ice. Simply place the bottles of wine inside to keep them out of direct sunlight and keep them a bit cooler than they would be sitting on the seat of your car.

Ask About Having Your Wine Shipped Back to You

The last tip for ensuring your wine survives your wine tasting day at various wineries is asking the winery to ship the wine back to you. Many people are under the impression that wineries cannot ship wine. However, alcohol shipping laws have loosened up over the past few years and shipping wine over state lines has become easier than ever. As such, many wineries are able to ship the wine directly to you. Keep in mind, the winery may only ship the bottles if you purchase a minimum number that they determine. However, it never hurts to ask and may be easier than transporting them yourself.

As you visit wineries and taste different wines, you may want to purchase bottles of the wine. However, if you are unprepared, your wine can get ruined as you continue about your day and visit various wineries. Knowing these tips will help to ensure that your wine survives your day and makes it home to you in one piece and retains its flavor.